Little Girl Decorating Christmas Tree With Ornaments

One of the most recognizable settings during the holiday season is The Roosevelt New Orleans, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Against the backdrop of a Gilded Age lobby, the hotel’s glittering Waldorf Wonderland stretches an entire city block. Local garden center The Plant Gallery perennially adorns the lobby with a canopy of arched birch tree branches, sparkling fir trees and 2,200 glass ornaments. Lisa Haude, designer and partner at Everything Hospitality, which handled the design and restoration of The Roosevelt, said, “The holiday décor provided by The Roosevelt is an opportunity for families to carry out their own tradition and create memories as they celebrate the holiday season.” New Orleans Homes taps Haude for her expert design tips on how to bring a winter wonderland home this season. 

Decorating is an essential part of holiday tradition. 

The décor at The Roosevelt is a time-honored tradition that started in the 1930s and quickly became a favored place to see during the holiday season. When the hotel was renovated after Hurricane Katrina, it was important to me, as the interior designer,  that we maintained the integrity and beauty of the original lobby space as it was designed to reflect the grandeur of the era from the 1920s-30s. The original mosaic floor was recreated and now stretches the entire length of the lobby, the gilded columns and the original Italian crystal chandeliers were restored to their original beauty thus creating the perfect backdrop to the holiday décor that is used today … It’s the sense of tradition — incorporating your favorite elements that provide comfort, joy, memories and gathering with your family and friends. 

Gift special ornaments every year. 

Personally, I love Christmas trees with ornaments that have been gathered over time that reflect your life’s journey. Growing up, my mom gave us an ornament every year in our stocking. This ornament was carefully selected and reflected a special memory, interest or achievement for the year and would be kept as a keepsake. I have since carried on that tradition with my daughter and each year, as we take out and hang our ornaments on the tree, we enjoy the memories that flood back with each one. Today, our tree is full of unique, colorful, personalized memories that reflect our life — one that represents our travels, events and moments in time that continues to evolve each year as new mementos are added. 

Pick the perfect tree. 

Classical Douglas fir tree(s) (or your favorite style) can be adorned with white lights and a combination of clear glass or white ornaments that allow the light to reflect to create a warm and dazzling ambience that honors the sophisticated elegance of The Roosevelt. 

Weave in natural elements. 

Incorporate nature’s beauty with winter branches (birch or pine), berries or magnolia leaves in your floral arrangements, and wreaths and garlands throughout the season to provide texture, scale and an inviting pop of greenery. Seasonal poinsettias are always a welcome addition as they provide a softness to the space, especially since they come in a range of colors [such as] white, pink and red that can blend with any décor.

Always opt for gingerbread.

From the strong aroma of the homemade gingerbread to the intricate design, it’s always a welcome addition to Teddy’s each year. To further provide a nostalgic and artistic nod to the holidays, adding beautifully adorned gingerbread houses offers an old-fashioned nod towards the Christmas warmth and scent.  Whether you create your own gingerbread house or purchase one premade each year, this little touch hints towards the memories of family gathered around and enjoying the season.