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Mark Berger

Mark Berger, a Wellness Guru at Berger Fitness & Yoga, founded his business in 2007 to “make New Orleans and the rest of the world healthier and happier through fitness, yoga and philanthropy.”

His career path took a sharp turn in his 20s, after he spent a few post-college years working in marketing and publicity for an internationally known beer company; he says he spent too much time “drinking beer and eating all the time” and realized he had a bigger purpose in this world.

His job duties now entail working in corporate wellness, public speaking, teaching personal and group fitness classes, serving as a nutrition consultant, running and triathlon coaching and producing events centered around “wellness and fun.”

Of course, it isn’t always easy in New Orleans – a city known for its temptations. “The decadent atmosphere of our city and trying to balance my clients’ lives with enjoying the great things our city offers,” can be challenging, he notes. But by creating events that incorporate healthy activities he finds life to be satisfying.

“Getting people to their goals” and helping “thousands of people each year” inspires him. “My job is something I will do no matter how much money I make, how many Instagram followers or awards I receive, there will always be lots of people that will need help from me.”

Always a goal-setter, he says that his future endeavors will include continuing to work in corporate wellness, and help the masses and companies be more efficient by investing in their employees’ health and wellness. He also hopes to travel to third-world countries and to commit himself to charity work and explore diverse cultures.



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