Places to go, people to see, things to do.

People often wonder what life was like during times of war. On July 23 and 24 at The National D-Day Museum, visitors can get a taste of life during World War II during “Home Front Days.” Speakers will be on hand, plus videos and activities. Information, 527-6012, Ext. 229.

MARQUEEChow Down on History
New Orleans is known for its culinary wonders. Now through Dec. 3 at The Williams Research Center, explore the traditional ways of cooking in New Orleans. Also on display are menus, labels and advertisements, including cookbooks from the late 1800s. The exhibit will showcase utensils from the 19th and 20th centuries and how some have changed over time. “A Dollop of History in Every Bite” will touch on some of the city’s famous restaurants and specialty products. Information, 524-4662.

MARQUEEThe Terrible and the Brave
On display through Jan. 8, 2006, view both sides of the battles for New Orleans during the War of 1812. “The Terrible and the Brave: The Battles for New Orleans, 1814-1815” will showcase documents, artwork, weapons and uniforms from both the British and American soldiers. A special feature of the exhibit at The Historic New Orleans Collection is an interactive multimedia component. Information, 598-7145.

Art, Acadiana Style
Based on the survival of Acadiana’s traditions through modernization and commercialization, “Spirit of Place: Art of Acadiana,” explores the connections the artists experienced while living in the region. Some of the artists are natives and others are transplants, but the relationships they shared as an artistic community continue and can be seen in their work. Paintings and other works of art will be on display through July 22 at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Information, 539-9600.

DIY China
Part of its “Tea on Tuesday” series, Longue Vue House and Gardens presents “China Painting,” which will feature members of the New Orleans Porcelain Art Guild. Discussions take place on July 12 on how the craft is prepared, plus artists will showcase their personal works. Information, 488-5488, Ext. 913.

Dining for Life
New Orleanians love to dine in the company of good friends. This July 14, the 10th annual “Dining for Life” fundraiser makes restaurant meals count for something more. Dine at one of the more than 40 participating eateries in the city and 25 percent of the daily proceeds will benefit the NO/AIDS Task Force. These funds will go directly to help provide vital services for HIV and AIDS patients in New Orleans and the surrounding communities. Make reservations today and use your appetite for a good cause. Information, 821-2601, Ext. 250.

Child Star
Give the ultimate gift to kids this summer … a chance to act on the big stage. Patchwork players will perform “Pecos Bill” throughout July at the Rogers Memorial Chapel at Tulane University. The storyline is appropriate for all children, and they can volunteer to take part in the onstage shootout or hoedown. Information, 865-5106.

MARQUEEA King’s Concert
Legendary songwriter and singer Carole King performs songs off her latest album, Love Makes the World, on July 26 at the Saenger Theatre during “The Living Room” tour. King is one of America’s most prolific songwriters, having begun her career more than 40 years ago. Information, 525-1052.

West Side!
Tulane Summer Lyric Theatre presents “West Side Story” July 7-10, directed by Michael Howard. The story of two young lovers in New York who find themselves caught between warring street gangs is an exciting story of love and survival. This musical is thought to be one of the most relevant dramas of our time and features some of the most famous songs in Broadway history. Information, 865-5269.

MARQUEEEight-by-10 Required
A collection of artwork by notable artists such as Shirley Rabe Masinter, Deedra Ludwig, Alan Gerson and Kate Samsworth make up this summer group exhibition, called 8” x 10”, at LeMieux Galleries July 9-30. All pieces submitted are 8 inches by 10 inches. Information, 522-5988.

Microscopic Monsters
Ceramic sculpture artist John Donovan’s latest exhibit, “Microbe-Mania (and other fears),” explores how fear can be a unifying factor in today’s culture. Since becoming a new father, he takes a deeper look at the “fear of what is not seen” – a common emotion of new parents. Donovan’s work, on display at LeMieux Galleries Aug. 6-27, invites each viewer to explore their own fears. Information, 522-5988.