Marriage and Mimosas

The 21st century has seen many a fad. Like bell-bottoms and frosted tips, most of them have — often thankfully — come and gone. One trend that looks to be standing the test of time is the breakfast and brunch obsession — and we are not complaining. Brunch aficionados flock en masse to the best places in New Orleans to get a big ‘ol breakfast and boozy brunch featuring their favorite bottomless cocktails. This obsession has popped up in the wedding world too. Couples are opting for morning or early afternoon nuptials. Ashley Brodie, wedding sales manager for Brennan’s Restaurant, says the desire for daytime weddings has grown significantly in the past year.

Brodie noted this option was more popular with couples planning a smaller fête, about 20 to 50 guests, as well as out of town couples.

“Most of these weddings are destination weddings,” says Brodie. “And many of them prefer to have a ceremony, followed by a seated lunch, which, ironically, is much more traditional than New Orleans-style receptions with a buffet.”

Brunch weddings allow couples to have a large or small wedding, depending on their style or budget, and can potentially allow for a smaller window between the planning process and the actual Big Day.

“I have found that this year, in particular, budgets are much smaller,” says Brodie. “Additionally, these brides are choosing a wedding date for their small weddings only a few months out as opposed to the traditional wedding, which is planned over the course of a full calendar year or longer.”

No matter the size or even if it’s a second wedding or elopement, this popular trend could make for an exceptional wedding celebration.




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