Edouard James “Jimmy” Kock Jr. was attending Tulane University and Mary was a senior at McGehee’s when Jimmy called and asked her for a date. At the time, Mary was dating and enjoying not being tied down. It was time for Mary to make her debut, and Jimmy asked her not to. She told him that it was a family tradition, and she was definitely going to be presented – she was queen of Momus and in several other balls, including Comus. While all of the festivities were in full swing, Jimmy asked Mary to marry him and she said “Yes!” They were married on May 4th, one month after Mary’s debut year ended, at St. Alphonsus Church, with the reception at her home on Audubon Boulevard; she was 20 years old.

Her mom planned the entire wedding and called Metairie Ridge Florist to create the magic. Lilies were everywhere – huge bouquets were all over the house and garden, and the Foster awning tents had greenery and flowers interspersed. Mary’s bouquet had Calla lilies cascading down her incredible wedding dress, which was made by The Liberty Shop. The bridesmaids, whose dresses were also by the Liberty Shop, carried white tulips. The cake was created by The Swiss Bakery and stood in front of a niche completely filled with flowers and greenery.

Mary was a member of Trinity Church and Jimmy was Catholic, so the only church they could be married in was St. Alphonsus, which dictated she could only have two bridesmaids. She chose Virginia Kock and Elizabeth Sussdorf, and her sister, Kitty Foster, as maid of honor. Jimmy, on the other hand, could have as many groomsmen as he wanted. They included George Montgomery, Herbert Van Horn, Jack Weinmann, Richard Fox, John Devlin, Logan Kock, Cameron Baird and as his best man, his father E. J. Kock.

After the wedding, which took place at 4 p.m., guests were treated to a beautiful reception. Mary changed into her going away outfit and found that Jimmy had been locked into a makeshift stockade – of course only Mary had the keys. They were off to the Pontchartrain Hotel for the night and then off to California for their honeymoon. When they checked into the Clift in San Francisco, the room was filled with the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen!

Mary and Jimmy Kock were married for 58 years. 

Mary Rushton Foster weds Edouard James Kock Jr.  Mary Rushton Foster weds Edouard James Kock Jr.