NEW ORLEANS – The Krewe of Red Beans has launched a Mask Up Sweepstakes, where all you have to do is wear a mask in public. They will have volunteers handing out raffle tickets around the city to people in masks.


From the krewe: Mask Wearing is overly-political … or people just are not motivated…. Or perhaps they don’t have a mask. Let’s fight all three at once! The Mask-up sweepstakes is a two-week contest which will give away $10,000 to a lucky mask-wearing citizen of New Orleans. Volunteers will go around various neighborhoods awarding each of our 2,000 raffle tickets.


We put in the money to launch the idea. Economic decisions are powerful for people – and positive motivation can be very effective in all sorts of situations. Doing one sweepstakes is a publicity-stunt or a gimmick…. doing a series of them could actually help fight COVID and make people excited about mask-wearing. It’s in our collective interest to do everything we can to fight COVID-19 – and while there are many worthy causes out there…. we humbly ask the crowd to throw in a few bucks and see what happens! Imagine if we gave away a thousand dollars a day for a month? Imagine if we had enough money to hire some out of work musicians to give out the raffle tickets? We know it’s a strange and crazy approach (much like a bean parade), but maybe that’s what the times call for. All donations will go into our paypal account, which is separate from other projects (like feed the second line or normal Krewe of Red Beans stuff).


We certainly do not want to encourage people to be out and about – and we won’t ever divulge where we are about to show up for this reason…. But the idea is it will be a bit of a surprise… when and where. Except that COVID testing data shows us which areas of the city have the highest rates. Some areas have 20x more COVID than other parts of New Orleans. We believe using this data can help effectively direct the “positive re-enforcement” needed. Additionally, the benefits of this approach are: 1) We will be giving out masks to those who do not have (“we may come back! mask up to have a chance to win!”). 2) This gives us an opportunity to celebrate our community members who are doing the right thing. 3) Any publicity generated is essentially a public service reminder to mask up. 4) We are just happy to get a new idea out into the world.
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