Master of Custom Drapery

Tell us about your background. Grew up with a mother with great style. She was always re-doing a room, or making a dress … She taught me to sew. My father believed you could do whatever you wanted in life…you just had to go for it.

Who are the principals of your business? Just me.

How does New Orleans affect your profession? What are the benefits and challenges? If you are in the design community, the benefits are everywhere. From the culture and history unfolding in all the architecture. The homes are a constant visually stimulating feast for the eye.
Nothing is level, that’s a challenge.

Tell us about your current projects. Opening Katie Koch Home. Representing Gretchen Everett acrylic hardware, Billy Baldwin upholstered furniture and iconic vintage pieces and much more. Working with Richard Keith Langham from New York (on the new Brennan’s); he has impeccable Southern style. Heading to Washington, D.C, with Fernandez & True of Atlanta to fabricate for a New Orleans transplant. Great fun collaborations with Coleman Adler: just completed the Goldring Family Foundation on Metairie Road along with a stunning home on State Street. A ground-up home in Watersound, Florida. Lastly, I just finished up the best new tiki bar in New Orleans with Shaun Smith.

What else would you be doing if you weren’t doing this? Sailing the seas with my good friend Gretchen Everett.

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