Master of Landscaping

Chase Mullin
Photographed by Greg Miles

Mullin Landscape Associates

Chase Mullin’s love of landscaping began in childhood. “I’ve always had the ability to understand colors, textures, shapes, etc.,” says Mullin, a native New Orleanian. “Even as a small child, my mother encouraged me to help select plants for our garden. My favorite was always petunias in the early spring.” Today, as owner of Mullin Landscape, Mullin works closely with Senior Landscape Architect Martin Romero and other members of his design team to create custom gardens, outdoor living spaces (including pavilions, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces) and swimming pools. “I truly could not think of a better place to design landscapes and outdoor living areas than New Orleans,” says Mullin, who regularly finds inspiration in the architecture of the city, the diversity of its neighborhoods and the broad range of plants that thrive in our climate. Though he’s often faced with the challenge of working with small spaces, he’s seen a recent shift toward greater emphasis on outdoor living areas. “Fortunately, many clients now realize how much more square footage can be added to a home or business when the outdoor space is properly designed,” he says.

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