Owner, Plank & Steel

A lawyer by trade and former officer with the Judge Advocate General’s Corp. for six years, Matthew Greig has a passion for metal.

Since late 2012, Greig has been designing and fabricating custom furniture, metal art and light fixtures using both new and reclaimed materials.

“Every item I make is customizable and, honestly, a lot of times the customers come up with great ideas I’ve never even thought of,” Greig says.

Among Greig’s creations for sale on PlankAndSteel.com are wall maps crafted from steel, maritime panels and shelving made from bargeboard recycled from a local home.

In the last year Greig has shifted his company’s focus from large furniture to metal artwork and light fixtures.

“Although I enjoyed making larger furniture, it wasn’t necessarily the best use of my time due to the amount of labor required to make each piece,” he says.
This fall he will debut a new line of light fixtures constructed with techniques typically used in the manufacture of handmade steel bicycles.

“I think my greatest accomplishment comes whenever I can hurdle some engineering challenge to build what I have loosely designed in my head,” he says. “There is a lot of trial and error involved, so it’s very satisfying when it all clicks.”