Co-Founders, Cocktail & Sons

Veteran bartenders Max Messier and Lauren Myerscough are dedicated to bringing back the home bar. Using Messier’s well-honed recipes for cordials, tea concentrates and syrups developed via his consulting business for bars and restaurants in New Orleans and New York, the couple’s Cocktail & Sons syrups have taken off since the company’s launch in January. The four signature syrups, Spiced Demerara, Oleo Saccharum, Honeysuckle & Peppercorn and Mine & Lemon Verbena, are now available in more than 30 stores across Louisiana and at New Orleans bars new and iconic, including Arnaud’s French 75 Bar, Doris Metropolitan and Domenica, to name a few.

“When Lauren was pregnant with our daughter last year, we knew it was time to capitalize on years of experience and create a product that not only suited the needs of our regulars, but also provided a lifestyle conducive to raising a family,” says Messier, who some will recognize from his time manning the bar at Kingfish. Myerscough was a bar manager at Maurepas Foods prior to the conception of their daughter and Cocktail & Sons. “We want our customers to have the power to entertain with simple cocktails at home using real juice and natural ingredients, not just the plastic jug of fluorescent margarita mix.”

In a seemingly syrup-fueled frenzy, between running the company, teaching cocktail classes at Pearl Wine and Longue Vue, and hosting tastings, Messier and Myerscough launched a national campaign in August, expanding the brand to New York, Miami, Atlanta and Texas. In 2016, the duo will introduce four seasonal syrups with locally sourced products.