Thursdays don’t get the respect they deserve, but they really should be recognized as wonderful. The bulk of the work or school week has been accomplished, and on the horizon is the promise of good times and a bit of relaxation.

Let us not get carried away and unequivocally proclaim that Thursdays are devoid of their own happy characteristics. To be fair, the social calendar on Thursday is suddenly abuzz with all manner of diversions and joyful gatherings.

Which is exactly what May, a lot like a Thursday, does in the general scheme of the months of the year. We start May with the second weekend of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival – truly the times when crescendo is reached. We slide into Cinco de Mayo, giving us the chance to honor the heritage and customs of our brethren from Mexico. And we move to the big finish with the staging of the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience.

In its own right, May can hold its head high. Yet, what May really delivers is the promise of soon-to-be-enjoyed summer at the beach or the arrival of exciting vacations. Those plans, and many more, have been made during May. Maybe there is an upcoming wedding, or a long-awaited visit from a beloved friend, former classmate or relative. The seeds for those lovely times are sown in May.

May’s weather is predictable, heading towards the summer but not anywhere near the discomfort of earlier in the year or of months to imminently come.

Jasmine Linton, manager of the bar at Salon by Sucré, has created an easy to make and easier to enjoy seasonal cocktail, which should add to May’s already enticing allure.


1 1/2 ounces Cat Head Honeysuckle Vodka
1 ounce fresh-squeezed blood orange juice
Sparkling rose wine

Combine all ingredients, except wine, with ice in shaker. Shake. Strain. Top with wine in a coupe glass. Garnish with twist from peel of blood orange.


As created by Jasmine Linton, Restaurant Sucré, 622 Conti St.