Weddings transform into a nostalgic celebration with just a few little touches of the bride and groom or the two as a couple. Add extra enjoyment into your wedding or reception by incorporating an element from your first date, how you met or some other tidbit of shared history into your wedding ceremony or reception. 

A few of our coworkers shared how they met their significant others or where they went on their first date and we brainstormed ideas of how to incorporate meaningful memories into your wedding day. 


First date: Wings at a local restaurant in their home state of Kentucky

Action plan: Food bars or stations are popular in the wedding reception arena. Create your own twist with a wing bar. Stock the bar with different types of wings and additional flavors of sauce and toppings. It brings in the nostalgia while checking off one of the couple’s food boxes. 

Meaningful Memories

First date: A concert at the House of Blues

Action plan: In a perfect world, having the band you saw on your first date play at your wedding would be the icing on top of an already flawless cake. But, if that is not an option, have your band or DJ play one of the tracks as your first dance song. If that doesn’t mesh well, have the band or DJ play songs from the concert throughout your reception. Your guests may not realize it, but it gives the couple a special way to remember where their story began. 

Meaningful Memories

First met: On the corner of Bourbon in front of the Royal Sonesta Hotel

First date: A drink at the Old Absinthe House right after they met

Action plan: This couple seemlessly incorporated their “meet cute” and first date into their 2015 wedding. The two had their “first look” under the Desire sign at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, where they first met. They then walked to the Old Absinthe House, in full gown and tux, to take a few of their wedding portraits in the exact spots they sat on their first date. 


Whether you incorporate a wing bar, have your first look under Desire or sway along to your favorite band during your first dance, incorporating a little piece of you and your honey’s history will make your wedding even more spectacular.