A passion for developing and nurturing relationships is what drew Dr. Catherine Pechon to family medicine. As a primary care provider board-certified in family medicine, Dr. Pechon cares for families in every phase of life at St. Tammany Physicians Network in Madisonville, from children as young as two to adults throughout their lifetimes. Living and working in the same community, Dr. Pechon has the advantage of becoming especially familiar with her patients’ medical histories and their lives. Her patient-oriented approach ensures each patient’s care is tailored specifically to their unique needs. 

 In addition to providing physicals, preventative healthcare, cancer screenings, chronic care screenings and acute care, Dr. Pechon offers gynecological care including pap smears and cervical cancer screenings as well as minor outpatient procedures. Dr. Pechon has a particular interest in women’s health and weight management. 

1520 Highway 22 West, Madisonville