Practicing with St. Tammany Health System since 1999, Dr. Linda Keefer bears decades of experience and a deep investment in her community’s wellbeing. Dr. Keefer is board-certified in pediatrics and internal medicine with a PhD in biological chemistry to boot, allowing her a uniquely comprehensive approach to treating newborns, children and teenagers – including an expansive knowledge of medications. 

Dr. Keefer is sensitive to the challenges many families face when dealing with complex medical issues and specialized approaches. With a practice model deeply rooted in patient education, Dr. Keefer equips her patients and their families with the information they need to not only make the best decisions regarding their health but provide peace of mind throughout the process as well. Giving her undivided attention to each patient during their visit, Dr. Keefer’s patients feel confident they are getting the best in her care.

1520 Highway 22 West, Madisonville