Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow & Freshman Composition Teaching Instructor, Tulane University

In addition to her already strenuous workload as a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at Tulane, Dr. Megan Holt is extraordinarily involved in the effort to improve literacy in New Orleans.

Holt is a project leader for the Young Leadership Council’s One Book New Orleans effort and she serves on the Board of Directors for the Literacy Alliance of Greater New Orleans and on the Advisory Board for the Lower 9th Ward Street Library.

All of this community activity comes from a place very close to Holt’s heart.

“I chose to become active in community literacy because I want to help make New Orleans a better place for my son to grow up,” she says. “By raising the literacy rate, we can lower our crime rate, lower our poverty rate and improve access to healthcare – just to name a few benefits.”

The hard work also brings people together.

“My absolute favorite thing about what I do is getting the opportunity to work with different communities,” Holt says. “Though New Orleans is a small city, it can sometimes feel as if the different neighborhoods are isolated from one another. However, we can all agree on the fundamental role literacy plays in our city. It’s beautiful to see people coming together from all walks of life to help work toward a common goal.”