Why did you open Clover? I wanted to bring lines that I love, which are very popular in other major cities, to New Orleans.

What’s different about Clover? We offer a way to dress comfortably but stylishly during the day, and beautiful yet understated in the evening. Many of our lines are exclusive to Clover.

What’s your background? I’ve worked as a buyer, a corporate merchandiser, a manager and as a retail consultant.

What are your favorite lines? Ramy Brook, skin by Susan Beischel, L’Agence, Frame Denim and Milly.

What’s your price range?  $50 to $500.

What kind of reactions are you receiving? I’m excited by our customers’ response! I hear over and over again that we are filling a missing niche carrying cult lines like ‘skin’.

Why do you think you’re already so popular? Women identify with the merchandise and appreciate that it fits seamlessly into their lives.

What are you currently most excited about? Our Holiday Collection; it’s stunning.

What do you think of women’s style in New Orleans? Women in New Orleans are busy personally and professionally, and they need a versatile wardrobe with pieces that can be worn different ways. Typically, they like classic, understated elegance.