Mia Freiberger-Devillier
Clothing from Saks Fifth Avenue: Dolce & Gabbana

Finding success in the restaurant industry all comes down to dedication and motivation, so it’s fitting that Mia Freiberger-Devillier has spent 25 years learning, observing and growing with the industry.

After obtaining a master’s in accounting from UNO, Mia decided to marry her passions for business management and hospitality. She and her husband, Chef Justin Devillier, took majority ownership of La Petite Grocery in 2010, and this year they opened Justine, a French brasserie.

“This industry is demanding, and you have to be able to embrace it,” Mia says. “It’s about creating and maintaining a work-life balance, and finding passion both personally and professionally.”

The job has also allowed Mia to grow philanthropically, and she maintains involvement in initiatives like Hogs for the Cause, Emeril Lagasse Foundation, James Beard Foundation and many more.