Emily Leitzinger is president of the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization and is also a driving force behind NextDoor.com Mid-City. While not a native New Orleanian, Leitzinger is one of the city's bright new stars; she wanted to make a difference in New Orleans so she got involved. In her role with the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization, Leitzinger has organized fundraisers to help local non-profit organizations. In the process, she has contributed to numerous projects to enrich our city. These accomplishments include helping send Warren Easton high school students to Cuba, planting approximately 600 trees in the area, and being responsible for having 43 electric switch boxes painted by local artists. 

In addition to her work with the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization, Leitzinger is a leader with NextDoor.com for Mid-City. This free service is a way for neighbors to instantly share information, such as posting lost pet notices, informing others about crimes in the area, or requesting help with projects. People even communicate through NextDoor.com to let neighbors know where they can bring their kids to trick or treat for Halloween. 

Mid-City residents who would like to get ideas on how to make a difference in this vibrant New Orleans neighborhood can visit mcno.org