It appears that every decade or so this community creates a grand project, worthy of international notoriety, and establishes our “village” as a continuing great contributor to world civilization. In the modern era we committed to building the finest of domed stadiums, the most humanitarian of zoos, an aquarium worthy of our maritime location and a museum telling the dramatic story of the most significant military events of World War II.

The National World War II Museum is now a key repository and an impressive compilation, preserving for all mankind every facet of the last global combat conflict. The fact that it’s here and is such a dynamic, ever-expanding facility, continues to astound.

The Battle of Midway, June 1942, was a military victory in the Pacific Theatre desperately needed by the Americans. We were caught off guard in December ’41 at Pearl Harbor, and we needed to show that we weren’t defeated and couldn’t be considered as shoved to the sidelines of the unfolding war. Midway, in fact, set the tone of victory that stayed with us throughout the campaigns in the Pacific.

And so, the museum’s American Sector Restaurant + Bar, a food and beverage outlet, has created the Midway Mule cocktail. A bit of a play on the Moscow Mule, but served with respect, created in historic significance and intended as a catalyst for pride. The fact that it’s a refreshing and clean experience is lagniappe.


Midway Mule

2 ounces Stoli vodka
1.25 ounces ginger simple syrup
1.25 ounces freshly squeezed lime juice
3 slices of lime (2 for muddling, 1 for garnish)
Ginger ale to fill

Build in a copper mule mug. Into the mug place 2 slices of lime and ginger simple syrup. Muddle. Add fresh squeezed lime juice and Stoli. Fill with ice. Stir thoroughly. Fill with ice again, if needed. Top with ginger ale and garnish with a slice of lime.

As served at The American Sector Restaurant + Bar, National World War II Museum