Describe your unique style of designing jewelry. I consider myself not only a jewelry designer but also a fashion designer. The whole silhouette and look is very much in my mind when I’m designing. I tell a story with each collection, and investigate an idea with every additional piece.

You have been creating beautiful jewelry for over 40 years and are as popular as ever; what’s the secret to your enduring appeal? I connect with people through jewelry. We share what matters to us in an intimate and lasting form with a style that’s both fresh and timeless.

You have over 40 collections; tell us about how New Orleans and Louisiana inspire you? As a fifth-generation New Orleanian, a love for this city is in my blood. I connect with the architecture, objects and stories that gave form to this city and to myself.

You also design accessories and items for baby and the home; tell us about those? When I extend my designs to objects of utility, I want them to exude joy and style. While the designs alone elevate these accessories beyond the average, the exceptional quality of materials and finishing truly sets them apart.

What is going to be coming out that you are excited about? I have created some new additions to my HIVE, SEA and Romanesque Return collections.

What else do you want our readers to know? I have had an amazing 47 years of designing and I look forward to many more to come.

Mignon Faget

multiple locations
(800) 375-7557