What kind of services does your company offer? We provide a full-service wedding package for the wedding party. We can provide minibuses for wedding guests, limos for the wedding party – even a Rolls Royce can be added as part of the wedding day transportation. We have eight-passenger and 12-passenger limos, as well as a 24-passenger black limo bus. We also can provide a Black Lincoln Sedan or Black Lincoln Navigator XL for the transfer at the end of your event. All of our equipment is modern and well-maintained. We do offer a special two-and-a-half-hour wedding charter and wedding transfer when combined with a charter. We operate 24/7, so you can call at any time to get information on your special day.

What percent of the budget should be spent on transportation? I recommend that a bride and groom should consider what they can afford, or better said, “what they want to spend.” Many times brides think about wedding locations without considering the additional expenses involved with the wedding. For instance, if you will have a wedding at City Park, then you have to consider transportation for guests from the hotels to the wedding location, to the reception and back to their hotels. If you’re planning a wedding in the city of New Orleans, you might want to consider the proximity of the hotels that your guests will be staying and the location of your event. Since there are many wedding venues that are close to the French Quarter, you might want to consider a reception close to the hotel where your guests will be staying. All in all, you will spend anywhere from $450 up to $2,000 if multiple minibuses will be used to transfer your guests back and forth.

What sets you apart from other transportation companies? The diversity of equipment is what helps set us apart from our competitors. We can offer affordable, luxury service to our clients. We offer the largest fleet of minibuses in the New Orleans area, with a size of 25, 29 and 33 passengers. All of our equipment is French Quarter-friendly, and our drivers have background checks and are professional.

What’s the most important part about wedding transportation? Understanding exactly what you’ll need to make your wedding day go smoothly. When our staff quotes a job, we’ll ask questions about what you need, how many people you need to move and timing. Many times over, the bride and groom are looking to cut corners on wedding expenses, but the one thing that can create a nightmare is if you don’t have enough seats for moving your guests to and from your church, reception and back to their hotel. We want to do a good job for you, but you have to consider that we have been doing weddings for years and some cost cutting efforts don’t work! I would rather tell you that you’re making a mistake than to have the client get mad at us for doing a job poorly. If a client insists on cutting costs with a transportation schedule that won’t work, I would rather decline a job than have the bride upset with us at the end.
What is your favorite aspect of the job? Our drivers help create a wonderful experience for the bride and groom. Remember, what happens in a period over several hours will last a lifetime. When our driver puts the new couple in that limo or Rolls Royce, that moment will be forever.

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