Throughout the months leading up to a wedding, it’s important for the bride and her bridesmaids to keep rejuvenated, happy and not let the stress of planning become too overbearing. A little pampering is a great way to combat the stressors that can come along with the wedding planning process.

In the heart of Canal Place, nestled up to Tiffany & Co., L’Occitane provides just the right pampering and fun for a bride and her bridesmaids. L’Occitane offers groups a “Friends Night Out” experience. A party of five to 10 can enjoy the all-natural products of L’Occitane while sipping on mimosas, relishing in the joy of a mini facial and spending time with friends.

Mimosas and Mini FacialsAlso included in evening is a fragrance journey, which consists of a mini back and shoulder massage and trying out a new fragrance. We love this detail because finding the perfect fragrance for your wedding can have a lasting impression on the evening. For years, you will be able to remember your wedding day with the smell of a fragrance. They’re brilliant fragrance cones making experiencing each flavor simple and allows you and your bridesmaids to pick a flawless scent without becoming overwhelmed by too many heavy perfumes floating around the room all at once.

Mimosas and Mini Facials

Everyone included in the evening receives 10 percent off any purchases and the bride is given a gift basket with a multitude of L’Occitane products.

Having these moments with your bridal party makes your wedding months all the more special. It’s important to remember that your wedding is a fun and happy occasion that should be met with exciting festivities. A little pampering and some mimosas are just the cherry on top.




Mimosas and Mini Facials Mimosas and Mini Facials

For those unfamiliar with L’Occitane, Frenchman Olivier Baussan created the business in the 1970s in Provence. Baussan’s goal was to provide the women of France all natural products and to celebrate women, culture and the environment as a whole. L’Occitane translates into “the women of Occitania.” In the historic Occitan region is the home of the city of Provence, therefore L’Occitane was for the women of Provence. Each product has a story and ties to a region or group of people. For example, manager Lindsey Molin told LTEC that a plant known as Immortelle –which is a vibrant, yellow flower that never fades or wilts even after it has been picked –links the company to Corisca where the plant is grown organically for L’Occtane, inspired the award-winning, anti-aging skincare moisturizer, Divine Cream. The company’s number one selling product is the shea butter hand cream. The ingredients included in the hand cream are from Burkina Faso, Africa. L’Occitane made it its mission to provide the women of Burkina Faso financial emancipation, as well as literacy and business courses. The company is also has a Braille translation of each product on the packaging. None of the L’Occitane products are tested on animals.