MiNO Foundation and Gracious Bakery Sponsor King Cake Stories Featuring 826 New Orleans’ Youngest New Orleanian Authors on King Cake Boxes

NEW ORLEANS (press release) – The Made in New Orleans Foundation in partnership with Gracious Bakery and 826 New Orleans for one week (February 8 to February 16, 2021) in all Gracious Bakery locations select king cakes will feature creative writing from 826 New Orleans’ students ranging from 1st grade to 12th grade. This special partnership launched by MiNO Foundation to support giving a platform for young creative writers of color.  The MiNO Foundation is continuing to bring local businesses and organizations together to create community through food. Megan and Jay Forman of Gracious bakery graciously have donated King cakes the last two years to 826 New Orleans writing center for students to taste and be inspired to write, creating origin stories of the king cake.  This year via zoom, Kyley Pulphus, program director of 826 New Orleans, held a zoom class with students. Gracious Bakery have already raised $1000 through king cake sales for 826 New Orleans this year.

“With our lives looking so different from the way they looked last year, we welcomed the return to this partnership with MiNO and Gracious Bakery. Our young writers have so enjoyed creating stories around the origin of the king cake, and seeing people loving their writing has been both motivating and affirming. Their stories are creative, hilarious, and bringing all the joy” says, Program Director of 826 New Orleans, Kyley Pulphus.

“ We are so grateful for an opportunity to promote the good work 826 New Orleans is doing to provide support for young people after school. We believe in the mission to instill in youth a sense of confidence and accomplishment through writing. This is an excellent way for students to see food differently, celebrate New Orleans culture, build community and writing skills.” says Megan Forman, founder and owner of Gracious Bakery, “

“I am thankful for the partnership with Gracious Bakery and their commitment to supporting the youngest members of our community. Megan and Ja offering their boxes as a platform for young writers to share their voice. How life changing it is to see your written word out in public and to increase your visibility as a young writer. There is power when we create ways to bring us all together, especially through food and the written word. This partnership supports our mission at Made In New Orleans Foundation to increase visibility, honor New Orleans culture through food, mentorship, and community, and invest in New Orleans’ youth and the future of New Orleans ” says, Lauren Darnell, Executive Director of Made In New Orleans (MiNO) Foundation.


Kennedi Sanders

How The King Cake Was Made

5th Grade


“One day there were two men who were looking for some land to mine gold. One of the men, Michael, fell through a soft, sticky, and sweet hill. Then he got a shrinking gun and aimed it at the soft, sticky, and sweet hill. The other guy went home for the day, but Michael stayed at that exact spot for hours and hours until he found a doll. He thought it was haunted. He shrunk the doll, and stuffed it into the hill. It started raining purple, green, and gold sprinkles. Then Michael’s friend named George came and checked on him. He was surprised at what he created. Michael who created the masterpiece called the masterpiece “king cake.” Finally he created more and more for everyone. So this became a big event that everyone celebrated.

The End. “




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