Mix and Match

For a few bridal seasons now, the trend of mix-and-match bridesmaid’s fashion has been on the rise. Brides have been allowing their maids to either choose their own style of dress in a particular color or their own color in a particular style. But have you ever thought of mismatched men’s fashion?

The Wedding Report, a national company that tracks and reports wedding trends, posed that question in its 2016 first quarter review. Fifty percent of participants said they would not like a mismatched set of groomsmen, but is it really all that bad?

As TWR points out, “while it may often be said that guys look great in suits and tuxes, there are a number of guys who don’t love wearing vests and jackets, buttoning-up and sweating through the ceremony.” Just like women’s fashion, men don’t always like the way a certain type of jacket looks on them or maybe they think their neck is too big for a bow tie. It’s also nice to give the guys the option of “wearing it again.”

To start, it doesn’t have to be a drastic difference. Maybe each groomsmen has a different colored tie or bow tie or maybe, if in a tux, a mix of cummerbunds. You could also have each groomsmen in the same type of pant and different jacket.

The possibilities could be endless and its not that much of a stretch. Tell us what you think in the comments below. Are you a part of the 54 percent saying “no way?”



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