The coronavirus is not yet finished wreaking havoc on the world. While we are all still social distancing and being safe however, we still need something to celebrate or a way to insert fun into our day-to-day activities.

We recently wrote about Bubble Tap New Orleans and how the company is adjusting to weddings and events with coronavirus restrictions. Now the company has again expanded its offerings with personal Mixology Boxes.

A Mixology Box is the perfect night in activity whether adding a new twist to a date night or spicing up a bachelorette party. Each person gets to choose their box between a custom printed box, fold-over mailer or wooden gift box. These options ensure that the box fits the occasion or activity.

Once the box is picked, choose the beverages or number of cocktails. Two or three cocktails come in the package with a choice of nine cocktails ranging from a black pepper margarita to a hibiscus lavender gin fizz or, in case of guests who choose to not imbibe but still want to join in the fun, 12 mocktail options.

Inside the cocktail box, no matter how many cocktails you’re creating, you’ll find ingredients – even alcohol – and garnishes, with the ability to add the necessary bartending tools and glasses. We love that they offer barware like shakers and strainers because it really elevates the entire experience. It also is great for the bride or groom wanting to give a gift to their attendants.


In addition, Bubble Tap offers a one-on-one (or one-on entire party) Zoom meet ups with one of their staff mixologists. The mixologist will walk all those participating through each cocktail from learning about ingredients to tips and tricks you can take with you after the event. It is something to note that to have a mixologist session, there is a minimum of $1,000 order. If your order falls below the $1,000 minimum, a fee is added onto your order – ($100 for one cocktail, $150 for two cocktails and $250 if you order three cocktails). Additionally, all guests must order the same cocktail for the mixology session to run properly – unless there is a mocktail addition.

Kelly here: I’ve already decided to order this for my best friend’s bachelorette party. This is perfect for us to have an interactive, but socially distant experience that we can all participate in and have fun while imbibing.

Bubble Tap offers more frequently asked questions on their website, as well as the step by step guide, plus the cocktails and barware you can add to your box.