Adonicia Dawson (right), retired U.S. Post Office clerk, volunteer at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
Similarities: In general, we think the same way about things. We’re both no-nonsense – except when Faith is being
silly. We’re both straightforward.
Differences: I have a hard time making decisions and often procrastinate. Faith zeros in on an opportunity. I don’t like to try new food; she is open to trying any kind of food. I think I am a good judge of character – I scrutinize more – while Faith tends to give people the benefit of the doubt. I’m neat and don’t like clutter. Faith will leave things cluttered until it works on her nerves.
Faith Dawson (left), outgoing managing editor of New Orleans Magazine and Louisiana Life
Similarities: I’ve been told Mom and I have the same mannerisms and we sound alike. In our own way we’re both control freaks, and we both enjoy being right.
Differences: I’m an optimist, she’s a realist. I always see the sunny side of things, she’s more cynical. Mom is definitely more confrontational. I’m impulsive, Mom thinks things through. She doesn’t like contemporary art like I do – she prefers Vincent Van Gogh.
Maxine Pearlman (center) painter, sign painter and muralist
Similarities: Ingrid and I like to laugh and have fun with friends and each other. We both have similar values. We are involved in the arts – Ingrid in music, I in visual arts. We are self-employed and have to generate our own work. We both love New Orleans.
Differences: I like jeans, Ingrid prefers ball gowns. I like a certain amount of quiet, meditative time, Ingrid desires a lot of activity. I like to go to bed early and get up early, while Ingrid is the reverse. Ingrid is career oriented, my goals are more internal.
Ingrid Lucia (right) singer, entertainer, producer, booking agent, songwriter, and band leader
Similarities: My mother and I both love to laugh at the same kind of silly humor, and we have the same laugh. We both believe in the goodness and innocence of people.
We believe what goes around comes around. We love to travel and meet new people. We both love Mexico. We are both independent and our own bosses. We have the same smile – and size shoe!
Differences: My mother is a day person, I am a night person. She is internal and I am external. She could sit quietly all day long. That drives me crazy – I like to be active and be productive in projects with people I admire creatively and intellectually. My mother is organized, I am not. She is prudent with money, I am not at all. My mother is cautious and proceeds slowly with care. I do not. I can sing in key, but my mother cannot. She can paint the most beautiful mural and I cannot.
I love to wear dresses, high heels and makeup, my mother does not. Neither does my little girl, Ava, who is a lot like my mother. She likes to draw and paint, wear flip-flops, shorts and the same T-shirt. Ava is very serious and thoughtful. So is my mother. I guess I am a lot more like my grandma in many ways – loving dance, music, a charming life.
Ava is like my mother – wanting answers, art and simplicity.
Ava Marshall (left) Pre-K student
Elvera “El” LeCorgne
(left) Similarities: I always prepared the food for friendly gatherings. I have vivid memories of Blayne as a child watching cuisine and home improvement shows instead of cartoons on TV, so it came as no surprise that Blayne entertains with flair. She was also always at her mother’s side when she prepared food for her gourmet dinner parties, so I would like to think that these skills passed from me to Peggy to Blayne.
The same is true for family values – we’re all very close and respect and treasure each other. Peggy and I enjoy reading, and it’s not unusual for us to trade books.
Differences: Blayne is more spontaneous, creative and career-oriented. Peggy enjoys outside sports and is comfortable at public speaking – I was never good at either of those.
Peggy Laborde (right) mother and community activist, including being on the core committee of Women of the Storm and president of the board for Longue Vue House and Gardens
Similarities: Family is important. We like to be in the company of friends – and to entertain. Blayne and I are positive and optimistic women – we see the glass half full, rather than half empty. We are passionate about what we are working on, especially bringing back our beloved city. We are both organized – list makers.
Differences: Blayne is more artistic than I could ever be. She possesses a style and vision to arrange form and color. She can walk into a room and see things three-dimensionally, and this helps in her job.
Blayne Laborde (center) interior designer at Chrestia Staub Pierce
Similarities: We both like to cook and entertain. I fell in love with cooking through my grandmother. When I was little, my mom would drop me off at Grandmother’s house on Tuesdays – when Mom played golf – and we would spend our time cooking. I don’t, however, make elaborate meals as Grandmother did. My Mom and I are people oriented, and the last ones to leave a party! We are, in different ways, helping to rebuild the city – I through my job [restoring hotels and homes], Mom through her work with Women of the Storm.
Differences: I don’t really think we have many. I think my mother and I are identical. Except that she is great at golf and I’m more driving range material.
Becky Zaheri (right), mother and founder of the Katrina Krewe
Similarities: My mom and I are both family oriented, organized and artistic/creative. I was a graphic designer before I became a stay-at-home mom. We’re goal-oriented, determined, sensitive, active and good dancers. And everything needs to be in its place.
My daughter, Alexa, and I are artistic and creative. We have lots of friends and are people pleasers. We love desserts. We’re rule followers, though my dad, Rene Curry, says I drive fast and get a lot of speeding tickets. We have the same style in clothing. And we’re both very loving.
Differences: I am outgoing, a little more sarcastic, while Mom is reserved. I’m confident, she is more cautious. I’m competitive, she’s not. I’m a TV watcher, she’s a book reader. I’m athletic, she’s not. We have an opposite way of dressing – I consider myself “loud” and the rooms in my house have different colors, while Mom’s house is done in neutrals and is decorated to a “T.”
Like my mother, Alexa is more reserved and quiet than I am. She’s more serious, patient and extra cautious. I’m more outgoing, impatient and a risk taker.
Sissy Curry (left) architect and contractor, Sissy Curry Inc.
Similarities: Becky and I are very organized and are “doers” – we take an idea and tackle it. We’re determined and goal oriented. We put family first and like being around people – we’re loyal to our friends. We’re both very sensitive. We love to dance.
Differences: We’re both artistic, but in different ways – I’m creative as an architect and interior designer, Becky is an artist. I’m more about reading and research, Becky is very athletic and competitive. Becky is more outgoing and confident, while I am more reserved. She expresses her self well and is good at public speaking, which I’m not comfortable doing. I am so proud about her accomplishments with the Katrina Krewe [a group Becky founded that goes around cleaning up the city]. I’m in awe of how she handles it.
Alexa Zaheri (center) second-grade student at Trinity Episcopal School
Maria Bustamante (center) co-owner, Fashion Tailors
Similarities: Lucy and I enjoyed doing plays – drama – in high school, and we love to dance.
Differences: Lucy and I like Italian food, while Margaret, who is allergic to seafood, prefers more American cuisine. We all like to travel, but I prefer doing it via automobile instead of flying.
Margaret Bustamante, (left) works at Fashion Tailors
Similarities: We are all very hard-working. Lucy and I like musicals and travel, especially to see our family in Miami, Fla. Lucy and I sound alike on the phone according to our family. There is a 15 year gap in our age, and when I look at photographs of us at the same age, we look alike. We also like to ride horses.
According to Lucy, our mother and I have lots in common! I do think we’re protective.
Differences: I am the quiet one in the family, more behind the scenes. Lucy is more outgoing. My Mom is organized. I try to be organized but it doesn’t always work out that way. My Mom and sister like to dance, and I have two left feet.
Lucy Bustamante (right) anchor for WWL-TV Channel 4
Similarities: My sister and I both are very family oriented – although she spends a lot more time with them than I do. She works with the family; she runs the family alterations business and takes care of everyone.
My mother and I are both very spiritual and intuitive, as well as slightly hot tempered. I admire the way she trusts her gut, although I haven’t always listened to it.
As an immigrant to this country from Cuba, she has a strong, brave history of doing what she has to do, when she has to do it.
Differences: With my sister? The age difference! She’s 15 years older. So she’s more like my mother than my sister. My sister and I have more differences than similarities. She is an introvert, I am not. She is a homebody. I like to spend my weekends traveling and seeing new things. She checks every price tag before buying. I check my credit limit. Just kidding – but it’s close.
My mother and I don’t have many differences. I would say she loves to plan things ahead of time and take her time with decisions. I’m a little more spontaneous.