Launching a new career is a stressful undertaking, but many young adults in Louisiana can get a hand up thanks to help from a dynamic nonprofit. This awesome conservation corps serves both people in need of jobs and the state’s economic development at the same time. To learn more, I spoke with Monique Pilié, executive director of the Louisiana Green Corps.

The LA Green Corps is a job training program for opportunity youth, or young adults age 15 to 24, who are disconnected from school and work. New Orleans is home to the third largest population of opportunity youth in the country, approximately 26,000 young adults.

To address this population, the 14-week LA Green Corps program provides education on topics such as construction skills, energy efficiency and stormwater management. Students get both classroom and construction experience. In addition, the program teaches soft skills such as interview techniques and professional problem management techniques. When the program wraps, the LA Green Corps team helps students locate jobs in the city with upward mobility.

By connecting their students to employment opportunities in New Orleans, the LA Green Corps can have a tremendous positive influence on the overall community.  

“It makes such a big difference in their lives, the community, and our city,” says Pilié.

Plus, LA Green Corps students can get hands-on training with organizations such as the St. Bernard Project and Habitat for Humanity. With these partnerships, students gain crucial job skills while giving back to the community. In addition to the affordable housing renovation projects, students also participate in wetland restoration and park maintenance jobs.

Thanks to the program’s opportunities, many students have already found success at jobs in the city. Whether they’re in carpentry or construction, former LA Green Corps students can look forward to stable careers with upward mobility.


Get Involved

At this time, the LA Green Corps needs more companies to get involved with their program. Any local businesses that are open to hiring students, even as interns, are encouraged to reach out. Green industries, warehouse work, and manufacturing are only a few of the industries that are welcome to partner with LA Green Corps. For more information visit