As I type, cooler weather is finally here – at least this week. Watching my son’s face the first time we walked on a cool morning was almost as fun as getting to put on long sleeves and feeling the cool breeze.

Our fourth annual “Wine, Dine & Design” was a resounding success for Bastion, for the designers whose tables were even more beautiful than last year and for all of us who had a part in it – large or small. Read more about the event and get a glimpse of the designs starting on pg. 57, and read Catherine Freeman’s Making a Difference column, pg. 14, for more on Bastion and its purpose. Though our fundraiser is complete for this year, you can still give directly to Bastion; visit

There is an event coming up November 2, 3 and 5 that doesn’t fit in with what we usually highlight, but I believe is important. The Sexism Project is a portrait photo series created by local music photojournalist Katie Sikora showcasing over 50 women in the local entertainment industry and sharing their stories pertaining to gender-based discrimination in order to spread awareness and cultivate a community of free-thinking, equitable people.

View it at Preservation Hall while enjoying live performances from more than 12 local musicians. Learn more about the project by visiting

Enjoy this weather while it lasts and make sure to take some time for yourself as the holiday season approaches!

Morgan's Note

Morgan Packard Griffith