Last year was one of changes, both worldwide and in my home. As I look back, I’m amazed and inspired by the courage and generosity of so many.

Looking forward, I’m excited to watch my son grow and learn. Each new discovery opens my eyes and my heart to the wonders of our world – and city! – and brings me hope for all of our futures.

I am also excited to start taking more time for myself; with that in mind I eagerly read our feature on local health, beauty and wellness upgrades. Not mentioned there but also of note are the upgrades to my neighborhood spa, Belladonna; under new ownership, it recently reopened after an extensive renovation and I can’t wait to indulge myself there.

Though we don’t like to think about getting older and changing the way we live our lives, there are local companies offering innovative options that prove this change doesn’t have to be scary. Learn more in our feature “Embracing Age.”

With a new year also comes new opportunities to support our nonprofits, and one of the most fun ways of doing so is to attend their fundraisers. Fill in your calendar with our Registry of  Charitable Events for January through April. If you have a nonprofit event and you don’t see it listed, please fill out our online events form as soon as possible:

Carnival season is approaching very quickly, and it’s always fun to add a new touch to your Mardi Gras wardrobe. Find your new favorite go-to in our What’s Hot for Mardi Gras.

Happy New Year; see you at the parades!


Morgan's Note

Morgan Packard Griffith