May is always an interesting month: it isn’t the hottest it’s going to get, but you’ll often find yourself sweating; it’s the end of the school calendar, but doesn’t feel like it’s time to jet off on vacation; and while it starts with Jazz Fest, most of our local music talent is on tour by the time the month ends. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot going on around town!

This issue includes our Registry of Charitable Events for May-August 2018, which I compiled personally. There are 16 nonprofit events listed in May alone! And though they dissipate a little as the temperatures rise (and hurricane season begins), there are plenty of fundraisers, along with festivals, picnics, concerts and parties, that will fill our days. If you don’t see your nonprofit event in these pages (or if you want to get a head-start on submitting your September-December 2018 events), please fill out our online form: Each form comes to me, and we use the information you submit to create our calendars, determine coverage and even decide next year’s covers! These little forms (I promise, they don’t take long to fill out) are the bread-and-butter of our magazine, and I encourage you to take the (short) time to fill one out for each nonprofit event you have on the horizon.

This month also brings us Mother’s Day. This will be the first Mother’s Day that I can actually look at my child. I want to expect it to feel different, and I know that in some ways it will, including the physicality of chasing my crawling son around my husband’s family’s annual lunch. Last year he was in my ever-growing belly and now I can barely keep up with him, which has made me incredibly aware of how quickly time passes. So my Mother’s Day present to myself is that I’m going to make a point of stepping back, taking a deep breath and try and to consciously live in the moment. Because, in my mind, it’s those memories – the somewhat everyday moments with family and friends smiling and enjoying each other’s company – that we take with us through life, and there can never be too many of them.
So get out into our beautiful city and enjoy making memories with your loved ones!

Morgan's Note

Morgan Packard Griffith