Compiling the Registry of Charitable Events each quarter takes a lot of work, but it’s so much fun to see the next four months of nonprofit events laid out in a usable way. Not only can those individuals and groups who are still looking for an open date for an event easily see where the gaps may be, it’s also a nice way to plan which events you’ll be attending. If you have a nonprofit event this coming May-August and you don’t see it listed, please fill out our online form:

Coming May 4 and showing through June, artists Louis St.Lewis and Nate Sheaffer are taking over Martine Chaisson Gallery in the Warehouse District with their “Rock & Royalty” show. The show features painting/mixed media/neon as well as eglomisé panels. You may have seen some of this work – which feels very tongue-in-cheek and makes me smile – at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, NOMA or at the Country Club in Bywater.

I spent almost two years working with planner Terry Cambise and my vendors (Hi James!) to plan Mike’s and my wedding – and I hope never to have to do anything like that again. But if you love to see how locals make their “big days” reflect who they are and what they like, look to our 16th compendium of weddings. You just might “ooohhh” and “aaahhh” before you realize it,

If this note seems a bit piecemeal, that would be because I’m writing it in between chasing my son around the house. I’ll be typing away and then suddenly realize it’s much too quiet. That usually means it’s time to find another snack, sit down at his coloring station or have a dance party. My writing style up until now has included noise cancelling headphones with my medium of choice playing loudly enough to drown out my surroundings and working until I’m done. Now I’m typically writing 30 words at a time with Elmo or a They Might Be Giants kids album as my soundtrack. But every time I get a little huffy at having to stop again, he crawls onto the couch, pushes my computer off my lap and cuddles up with a hug, and he reminds me that there’s nothing that can’t wait a little bit, and a hug at the right moment can change your entire day.

Have a great month and enjoy the weather!

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Morgan Packard Griffith