As I write this we’re just about to descend into the true madness of Carnival. My son is more than ready; he’s got his parade-ready light-up drum and his teachers have taught him to put his arms up, protect his face and say “Throw me something, mister!” I’m ready; I’ve got my ball gowns chosen and my new krewe T-shirts cleaned and prepared. My husband is ready; he has his tux set and catfish stocked for frying. Everyone in our city has ritual preparations for the craziness that is this season, but what I’m anticipating most is seeing my Mardi Gras friends, both the ones I know (even if I haven’t seen them in a year or if it’s only been a week) and the ones I’ll make during a parade – or in a shared moment – then may never see again. To me that is the magic of this season, and I hope you get to share in that as well. 

If you’ve ever taken a cruise or enjoyed a trip to Disneyland or Disney World, then you should be excited at the prospect of merging the two aboard the Disney Wonder, the second ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet. With limited-time engagements occurring now and in 2021, this ship sales from New Orleans to the Bahamas, Caribbean and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. It offers Disney twists on the usual cruise offerings, as well as Disney Cruise Line theatrical magic, including Frozen, A Musical Spectacular; Tiana’s Place, a restaurant inspired by The Princess and the Frog; innovative kid spaces like the Marvel Super Hero Academy; and serene spaces exclusively for adults. My family didn’t make our reservations in time for the sailing that just occurred, but we’re already gearing up for the 2021 sailings, and as a fan of both cruises and Disney, I can’t wait!

Enjoy the spring and its weather – all too soon it’ll be summer!

Morgan's Note

Morgan Packard Griffith