Morgan’s Note

Morgan Packard Griffith

If you look carefully through this magazine, you’ll notice that it’s a little different than any issue before – there are no Philanthropic Events. Due to the pandemic there was a gap in time when every fundraiser had to be cancelled or postponed. To keep you busy this month, we’ve doubled our Snapshots –24 photos this month! And not to worry, Philanthropic Events will be back in our next issue! Thanks to the ingenuity of our city’s nonprofits, we’re excited to bring you some virtual events as well as small in-person fundraisers in our next issues.

This month’s feature is the “Registry of Charitable Events: September-December 2020.” To my mind, this is our most important Registry since Hurricane Katrina. We have listed more than 50 fundraisers scheduled to take place in person and virtually through the next four months. Be sure to read through to find out what your favorite nonprofit has planned and learn more about innovative events to add to your calendar.

Much like the time after the storm, though decisions are constantly being made in almost every field many of us feel lost, adrift in the seemingly insurmountable amount of questions and decisions to be made – many without any one good answer. One of the easiest decisions to make is to support our city. That is what not only the Registry, but this magazine is here to do!

Our goal is to support our city’s nonprofits by featuring their fundraisers, writing about their goals and introducing them as they’re founded. If you know of a nonprofit that isn’t being rep-resented here, please let me know by emailing me directly: And remember that you can submit a nonprofit event to our calendar at any time online at:

With many parents out of work funds are tight, and some are having to make the horrible decision between feeding or diapering their child. Inspired by this harsh reality, the Junior League of New Orleans (JLNO) founded its Diaper Bank in 2014 to support New Orleans families. September 21-27 is “Diaper Awareness Week.” You can help by donating diapers, hosting a diaper drive, purchasing from their wish list (visit and search for “Junior League of New Orleans Diaper Bank”), donating “dollars for diapers” on their website or at their headquarters, sharing information and volunteering. Learn more and donate today at

“COOLinary New Orleans” continues its tasty run through September 13. Many of New Or-leans’ finest restaurants are participating by offering prix-fixe menus of two-course lunches for $20 or less, and three-course dinners and brunches for $39 or less. Menus are available for dine in, takeout and delivery. Visit their amazingly easy to navigate website to see which restaurants are taking part, and order today:!

Stay safe, wear your mask, wash your hands and check in on your friends!


Morgan's Note

Morgan Packard Griffith

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