Bobby Hennessey is the owner of Morning Call Coffee Stand in New Orleans' beautiful City Park. One of the city's oldest coffee stands, the original Morning Call was established in the French Quarter in 1870. Locals and visitors know this popular establishment for its famous café au lait and beignets: French coffee and donuts. The rich chicory coffee, brewed by the French drip method, is combined with near-boiling milk to create this distinctive New Orleans brew. The beignets are square donuts served piping hot. Shakers of fluffy white confectioner's sugar allow each patron to add powdered sugar to taste. According to Hennessey, Joseph Jurisich built the first Morning Call near the French Market in the Vieux Carré. In 2012, Hennessey replicated the interior of the original French Quarter Morning Call in City Park's Casino building. Now, tourists and locals alike can enjoy their coffee and donuts 24 hours a day, while overlooking the park's magnificent 100-year-old moss-draped Live Oak trees. Listen as Hennessey tells us why he believes Morning Call's beignets are the best in town. Listen to the podcast here.