Most Popular Bridesmaids Colors in Louisiana

This week, we received news of a study claiming to reveal the most popular bridesmaids dress color according to state. The first thought that popped to mind for Louisiana was natural colors like shades of green. But the findings from online fashion brand Boohoo, surprised us. Their research, in conjunction with Google Trends, concluded that the most searched and requested color for bridesmaids’ dresses in Louisiana is actually pink.

The color pink (with the preferred shade being fuchsia) was only popular in two states, one obviously being Louisiana and the other being Wyoming. We don’t know much about Wyoming, but we can’t think of many comparisons between our two states. Nor would we think that one comparison would be the fashion choices made by our brides and grooms.

Kelly here: when first thinking about this post, pink was not at all a color I expected to be in the running for Louisiana. But when I reached out to my friends on social media to see if anyone had either worn a pink dress or required their maids to wear a pink dress for a Louisiana wedding, I was pleasantly surprised. Many friends shared their photos with me. Their weddings were held during various seasons, but each employed a shade of pink to complement their gowns and their maids.

“Perhaps we’re all inspired by Shelby in our beloved Louisiana favorite, ‘Steel Magnolias,’” said Mandy Wienhusen, owner of Town & Country Bridal and Linen Jolie Bridal. “But some shade along the spectrum of blush and bashful is the premier hue of choice for our brides. Perhaps it is because pink is kind to all of us: flattering on most complexions and hair colors. It can styled to be romantic, subtle, formal, boho, ethereal, beachy, elegant or anywhere in between.”

Additionally, Winehouse added, “Following pink, our brides are in love with earthy shades of green. A neutral choice like cameo and champagne is always on trend for Louisiana brides — and we are absolutely in love with the all-white trend. Clean. Classic. Sophisticated.”

Pink, blush and even nudes did have a resurgence in popularity a few years ago, but they’ve always been a steady staple when it comes to bridal trends across the country. Who knew Louisiana would be at the height of these fashion trends?


For your inspiration and viewing pleasure, here are a few bridesmaids’ gowns shared with us from local New Orleans brides.

Did you have pink bridesmaids’ dresses for your wedding? Send us your pictures at


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