Mothers and daughters, daughters and mothers – the bond between them is special. Like elastic, it may stretch and strain during the growing-up years, as young girls seek to become their own persons. But inevitably it bounces back, an enduring link that daughters then pass on to their own children. Here’s a look at some local mothers and daughters, who share many similarities but with just enough differences to make life interesting.

Mothers and Daughters

Cynthia Lee-Sheng
Jefferson Parish council member, forensic accountant, mother
Similarities: My mom has a strong emotional strength, a quiet strength – I’m really proud of the way she handled the loss of my dad, and I try to be like her. She passed along the sense of family – I grew up with the House of Lee as a family business, and it keeps you close.
Differences: I balance career and family (daughter Miranda center), while she didn’t do that. She focused on raising me. She never has gotten into technology. The family is different now, too, with cousins scattered in other states. The family tree has branched out.

Lai Lee

homemaker and mother
Similarities: Cynthia is sincere when she meets people, like me. She likes some of the foods I cook. She enjoyed sports when she was young, and I did, too. In fact, she met her husband playing volleyball.
Differences: She’s so much like her Dad – she’s very strong. She grew up in the public eye. I was never much of a public speaker, although I learned to handle it after being married to Harry. I’m first generation here, so my parents had more of the Chinese style. She’s grown up more American.

Mothers and Daughters

Eddean Jackson (left)
administrative assistant, mother
Similarities: My mother and I both talk a lot, and we love sweets. We like to cook. My mother values education, and I have passed that down to my daughter, Fallon. We’re very spiritual. My grandfather was pastor at two churches. Family is important to us; we have 38 first cousins.
Differences: I draw and paint, and I like to work with the children at church. I also love to use computers. And I love to read anything – books, newspapers, magazines. I do a lot of baking. My mother makes great gumbo. I’ve got to learn to make that gumbo!

Lilly Sterling (center)
homemaker, mother
Similarities: I raised both my girls the same way, so I am very similar to both. We let God lead us in everything. College is No. 1 – we always stressed education. I taught them to take pride in their appearances. Eddean and I love sweets. I’m a perfectionist, and so is Sabrina.
Differences: Unlike me, Sabrina will travel by herself, and she loves traveling at night. She also has healthy eating habits. Eddean can draw, while I can’t. She can also put together terrific spring plays for the church.

Sabrina Wilson (RIGHT)

reporter, FOX 8
Similarities: My mom is a very generous and loyal woman, and I try to be that way as well. We have the same mannerisms, and she always encouraged me to look nice whenever I left the house – just like she does. We share a strong faith in God. We both talk a lot!
Differences: My mom can cook a great gumbo, and I can’t. Also, she likes to fix big meals and entertain a crowd. I prefer being the guest. I like to travel, and would go around the world alone. My mother isn’t the adventurous type. I’ll drive anywhere, while my mom won’t drive on the interstate. I like to sing – I have a title song on a gospel album – while my mother doesn’t like the solo parts.

Mothers and Daughters

Mary Hines (center)
homemaker and mother of three
Similarities: My daughters and I love to shop and we love fashion. We’re big Hornets fans, and we fight over the tickets. Family and friends are important to us, and we love to socialize. Our whole family takes part in Carnival, and we all love New Orleans. The girls and I enjoy travel – we’ve been to Chicago and New York together, and we have a good time.
Differences: Neither of my daughters has any interest in cooking. They love to go out to eat. They love the computer, and I can barely turn it on. Mary Wyatt is a neat freak, and I’m not so much. They love sushi, and I don’t.

Ashland Hines (Left)
student at Academy of the Sacred Heart
Similarities: My mother and my sister and I all love to travel. We love dogs, and we like to go out to eat. I’m not much of a reader, and neither is my mom. We love all New Orleans traditions.
Differences: My sister and I like music, but my mom likes talk shows. My mom went to LSU, while I want to go farther away. My mom likes to cook; I’m not a big cooker.

Mary Wyatt Hines (RIGHT)
junior at Loyola University, 2009 Queen of Comus
Similarities: My mom and I are a lot alike. We love to travel and visit vintage fashion stores. I love to entertain, just like my parents. We watch “Oprah” together religiously, and we like to take my Labrador puppy for a walk. Mardi Gras is a big part of our lives.
Differences: I talk very fast, like my dad. My mother loves to cook and grocery shop, and I cannot cook. I go home at lunch to eat her famous grilled cheese sandwich. I’m not patient.

Mothers and Daughters

Sally Reeves (seated)
historian, archivist and author
Similarities: Corinne and I are both workaholics, and we’re both in love with New Orleans. Colleen also “got” New Orleans from me, and her interest in historic preservation. And my stepdaughter Elena, after years of globetrotting, has returned to New Orleans and loves it too.
Differences: Corinne has a real gift for selling – she got it from her dad. Colleen is a neighborhood organizer, even while raising three little children. Elena is so bright, and she’s just been everywhere and lived all over. I’ve lived in the same house since 1949!

Corinne Evans Judd (left)
advertising executive, New Orleans City Business
Similarities: My mother and I are both outgoing, and like to do for others. We have a strong work ethic, and we’re both active in the community.
Differences: I’m not as historically inclined as my mother. She’s into gardening. I’m the only one that rides horses – I’ve been riding since I was 8 and I’m on the board of a summer camp in Tennessee. My mom is an amazing public speaker.

Elena Reeves Walker (center)
graphic designer, Tchop Shop Media
Similarities: My stepmother and I are both patriots of New Orleans. We all really love New Orleans, it’s past and its future. We’re all invested in that. I’m very scholarly, and Sally and my father are, too. We love to read.
Differences: Unlike Sally, I like very modern, industrial furniture. They’re into antiques. I prefer old houses, but I like the interiors opened up and furnished in a minimalist design.

Colleen Evans Lusignan (RIGHT)

mother, community activist
Similarities: My mom and I are very similar. I love New Orleans architecture, and she pointed out the characteristics of old homes when I was just a kid riding in the car. We love to garden. We’re both very frugal – we can’t spend money until it has to be spent. We both like French things, too.
Differences: She’s deeply religious, which didn’t transfer to me. She’ll save and save, and then buy a piece of antique furniture at an auction. That’s not me.