New Orleans designer Matt Rebackoff and his brand Mr Eatwell announced the launch of a new collection in partnership with Café du Monde. Rebackoff launched Mr Eatwell in early 2020 and since, the brand’s sweatpants and leisurewear has taken off. It has even caught the eye of celebrities like comedian Heather McMahan, who launched a collaborative collection with Rebackoff.

The brand includes T-shirts, sweatshirt and sweatpants combos and more, but we love the new collaboration with Café du Monde for a few reasons. Weddings, as we’ve said many times before, involve a lot of gift giving between all parties involved. A common need is something for the couple to gift to out-of-town guests. It’s always nice to have a little something reflecting New Orleans waiting for those who have travelled a long way, and nothing says New Orleans quite like Café du Monde. It’s iconic, it’s delicious and this new collaborative collection is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

We also like the idea of matching sweatshirts (or sweatpants) for the bridal party. Make it a real  southern affair by adding a monogram – from local shops like Monogram Express, Monogram Junkie or Design a Latte to name a few – or personalize it with the receiver’s names and gift either at the bachelor or bachelorette party or the day of the wedding in preparation for the after party.


The collection drops at 2 p.m. on


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