1. Pictured here is singer/musician Del McCoury when he served as Grand Marshal of an impromptu march through the French Quarter by the Preservation Hall Jazz band on Mardi Gras 2011. What type of music does McCoury play?
A. Jazz
B. Blues
C. Bluegrass
D. Rock and roll

2. McCoury and his band have played with the Preservation Hall band several times. What do the two types of music have in common?
A. They both use only brass
B. They both originated in New
C. They both have Southern roots.
D. They both originated after the

3. Rex is the king of the New Orleans Carnival. His theme song is considered to be the anthem of Mardi Gras. What is it?
A. “The Saints”
B. “If Ever I Cease to Love”
C. “While We Danced at the
    Mardi Gras”
D. “Louisiana Carnival Day”

4. Professor Longhair (Henry Roeland Byrd) was best known for his R&B recording about Mardi Gras in New Orleans. In what town was Byrd born?
A. Bogalusa
B. Lacombe
C. Elton
D. Bordelonville

5. Which song would be authentic to the Cajun Mardi Gras?
A. “Lache Pas La Patate”
B. “Gumbo Ya-Ya”
C. “La Danse de Mardi Gras”
D. “Jolie Blonde”

6. At society balls this music is frequently played during the presentation of royalty.
A. “The Halleluiah Chorus” from
    The Messiah.
B. “We Are the Champions”
C. “The 1812 Overture”
D. “The Grand March” from Aida

7. Your friend wants to start a tribe of Mardi Gras Indians so that he can open a casino one day. He doesn’t understand the real origin of the Indians. What is it?
A. They emerged from the black
    neighborhoods of New Orleans
B. They were founded by a group of
    Cherokee tribesmen who had
    been displaced to New Orleans
C. They were started by Cajuns
    trying to hide their identity from
    the British
D. They were founded by immigrants
    from India

8. This classic Mardi Gras R&B song mentions a type of dance. What is it?
A. “Carnival Bossa Nova”
B. “Mardi Gras Mambo”
C. “Rex Rhumba”
D. “Gemini Glide”

9.  Since he plans to start his own tribe your friend figures he should learn Mardi Gras Indian songs. Which of the following is not one
A. “Iko-Iko”
B. “Spirits of the Sky”
C. “Big Chief”
D. “Meet Me Down on the

10. Played by many marching bands, this song is informally known as the “Hey Song” because of the frequent replies from the crowd shouting, “Hey!” What is the song’s real name?
A. “Make Hey While the Sun Shines”
B. “March Times”
C. “Rock and Roll, Part 2”
D. “Evolution Part A”

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Name four big-time country music stars from Louisiana (past or present) and where they are from.

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From our September/October issue the question was:
Name the members of Louisiana’s congressional delegation, past and present, including senators, who were also medical doctors. What were their specialties and their hometowns?

The answer: Current congressional members would include John Fleming – Minden; Charles Boustany – Lafayette; Bill Cassidy – Baton Rouge, who was recently elected to the U.S. Senate. Ralph Abraham – Mangham, who was recently elected to the 5th District seat.

Winners are:
Stephanie Holt, Morgan City
Areleen Orgeron, Broussard


1.C  2.C  3.B 4.A  5.C   6.D   7.A   8.B  9.B  10.C

Score 10 points for each correct answer:
0-20 Consult your nearest library.
30-60 Begin by buying a good road map.
70-90 You should run for office.
100 You’re a candidate for a Ph.D. in Louisianaology.