Musica Da Camera

50 years of Medieval music in New Orleans

Milton Scheuermann is founder of New Orleans' Musica Da Camera, the oldest surviving early music group in the country. Most of the music the group performs was originally played between 1100 and 1300. However, the musicians also play more “modern" music, from as recent as the 1500s. Founded in 1966, Musica Da Camera is now in its 50th year. In this podcast, Milton explains how his experiences in post WWII Germany inspired him to start Musica Da Camera. Milton not only plays many of these Medieval instruments, he also builds them. Besides the group's live performances in and around New Orleans, Musica Da Camera also has a weekly radio program on WWNO that is broadcast online and is available around the globe. The Medieval music program is the oldest early music radio program in the world. Milton describes this distinctive  music and invites listeners to visit for a list of Musica Da Camera's upcoming concerts in April and May.


Listen to the podcast here



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