MY TOUGHEST CASE: Dr. Kellie Axelrad, D.D.S.

Dr. Kellie Axelrad has a Disney-modeled approach to treating her patients; one where extra care, lots of communication and a little bit of silliness equals quality care for each patient.

“I really want to individualize the care that each of my patients receive,” she said. “I get to know the kids and their families. We invest the time up front, before we even begin the exam, so that we don’t have problems later with nervous patients. We want to have happy, smiling faces.”

For Dr. Axelrad, treating fearful patients, special-needs patients and patients that may have traditionally been underserved, has been a labor of love. She served as Chairperson for Children’s Dental Health Month in New Orleans before passing the torch to concentrate on her own practice and her own family.

“It was a wonderful experience. We got to provide outreach to children who may not be able to see a dentist as regularly as we recommend, which is every six months,” she said. “We make it fun for them. We review nutrition, oral hygiene and fun things as well. Our motto is: healthy smile, healthy body, healthy mind.”

Her toughest cases come with children who have the most special needs, but for Dr. Axelrad, treatment is a team effort. “When treating patients that are medically compromised, I work with all of the other doctors who are providing care, from cardiologists to G.I. specialists, and more.”

According to Axelrad, planning dental procedures to coincide with other surgical procedures can be crucial for patients that may be fearful or have other medical considerations.

“I recently had a patient, who was already fearful of dental work, who needed to have her tonsils removed,” she said. “We coordinated with her team of surgeons so that we could also go in and provide crucial dental care while she was already asleep in order to keep her from having to go through more than one procedure.”

Coordinating with physicians and families, Axelrad understands the unique needs of all pediatric patients. “We are the only doctors that work inside their bodies while they are still awake,” she notes. “We get to know each patient, and explain each step, until they are comfortable. Whether they have behavioral issues, medical issues, or just need a little more TLC, we want each patient to be comfortable. It also helps to be as silly as possible.”


New Orleans Childrens Dental Center

6264 Canal Blvd Suite 1, New Orleans, 833-5528,


New Orleans native, B.S. degree in Biology from Loyola University, D.D.S. degree from LSU School of Dentistry, served as Chairperson for Children’s Dental Health Month, serves as faculty in the LSU School of Dentistry; active staff privileges at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans and Gulf Coast Surgical Center in Houma.



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