On Sept. 18, company Native Polish celebrated an anniversary. Sister-in-law team Julie and Allison Hoffman created this labor of love two years ago.

The New Orleans company creates a locally-made polish safe for Nola natives of every age. The polish is what the duo calls “7 free,” which means it’s missing the seven common chemicals found in most nail polishes, as well as being vegan, cruelty free and full of Big Easy vibes.

We first reported on this new company back in January 2016. Since the initial post, the company has launched more than two lines, a line for “mini Natives” that is safe for children, and a combination to and base coat – all keeping with the vegan, chemical-free promise.

To highlight their anniversary, we caught up with the Native ladies to see how far the company has come and their plans for the future – which include the biggest nod to the city and its upcoming tricentennial celebrations.


What’s been the best part about having Native the past two years? 

We absolutely love meeting and creating with so many other entrepreneurs in the Crescent City. From our exclusive shades for Buff Beauty Bar and Mignon Faget to incredible photo shoots with Chris Granger and Romey Roe, we are beyond grateful for each and every opportunity that comes our way. 


In what direction is Native now headed and where do you see yourselves in the next two years? 

We've grown organically and we hope to continue on that path, taking customer feedback, closely watching how our city evolves and adapting Native to continue to meet the needs of our local women and those who have a special place in their hearts for New Orleans. Additionally, as our girls continue to grow, we hope to use our kid’s line, Mini Native, as a tool for confidence, empowerment and equality. 


Do you have any new shades coming out or announcements you can share? 
Yes! Our newest shade celebrating the upcoming tricentennial is called “TRIed & True.” A customer named it. We'll be launching our next line mid-October and also have another exciting collaboration in the works we can't wait to tell you about.


Is there anything else readers should know about Native? 
Readers can follow us on Instagram @nativepolish – we are constantly sharing new shades, launching exciting contests, giveaways and promotions and showcasing the best places to eat, drink, shop and LIVE Native. Oh, and did we mention we're sister-in-laws? Match made in heaven! 


We also asked them a few “fun” questions. We wanted to know which of their polishes was their favorite shade, if they had to pick just one – which we found out was basically like asking them to pick their favorite child or sno-ball flavor.

Wow, that's an impossible question, as we truly view these hues as mood elevators and gravitate towards a shade on any given week that mirrors where we are inside. But if you made us choose, Allison would be flaunting “Pothole” and on Julie, “Blues Breakdown.” 


We’ve used Native in posts before for bridesmaid’s presents, or items to put in a welcome or gift bag for guests, but which shades embody the perfect bridal look according to the Native ladies?

We're excited to share some new shades perfect for NOLA brides in the coming weeks. If we had to choose today, we'd put “Gulf Oyster” on our bride and gift her bridesmaids “Ya-Ya Nights.” 



Happy anniversary to Julie, Allison and Native Polish, may you and your polish continue to paint the town.