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A flawless, lit from within, natural look is perfect for any bride. It is also currently one of the hottest trends in beauty.  However, that fresh, dewy glow can be hard to achieve, taking hours of work and layers of products.

That’s why we put together the insider’s guide on how to create the barely-there but beautiful look. First, check your skin undertones by looking at the color of the veins in your wrist. If they appear more green, blue or purple you have cool, pink undertones. If they appear more yellow or olive you have warm, golden undertones.

Generally speaking, cool undertones are most flattered by a spectrum of cool, neutral tones of blue, green, mauve, pink, peach and purple.
Earth tones such as brown, beige, gold, orange, orange-red are most flattering for warm skin tones.  

Next find the perfect foundation and concealer.

“Matching skin tones can be tricky but not impossible,” says makeup and hair artist, John Wright, who works with celebrities such as Cate Blanchett and January Jones. When purchasing a foundation, you should always check the shades on your neck or jawline in the natural daylight to ensure a perfect match.”

Wright says to always take into consideration that your body might be various shades. For example, you might have tanned shoulders and arms, but use sunscreen to protect your face, making it a lighter shade.  

“I usually worked with a deeper foundation than their normal shade, and use bronzing powders to balance the skin tones on the cheeks, forehead and sides of the neck,” says Wright. “The bronzing powder should be similar to your deepest skin tone. I then use a blush to add softness and finish the look.”

As far as make-up colors are concerned, Wright recommends sticking with a single palette, “Too many colors can confuse and using colors in the same range are best for a natural and soft effect,” says Wright.

Bearing in mind your undertones and overtones, there are broad guidelines as to which colors will enhance your features most effectively.  

It’s also helpful to identify models or celebrities who share your coloring and complexion and decide which looks you like best.  Then either pick similar shades yourself or work with an artist to build your own look around these colors.

(Emma Stone)
Light pink, coral, cream, cool blue, green and metallics

(Jennifer Garner)
Nudes, spicy browns, earthy green, bronze, orange, reds, peach, pink

(Penelope Cruz)
Toffee browns, bronze, caramel, rose, nude pinks

(Zoe Saldana)
Bright berry tones, metallic, rich reds, burgundy, cherry

10 Make Up Tricks to Barely-There Beauty

Skin Illuminator
It is worth prepping your skin
with lotions that hydrate and reduce redness and dark circles
by blurring the skin’s surface
via light reflection

Use a tinted moisturizer all over and cover imperfections with concealer, finish with a light reflecting fine powder swished
all over

Go all around the hairline and under chin, to create an all round, glow

Swirl a flattering pink below the apples over the center of the cheeks to create sun-kissed cheeks

Whether you call it strobing or contouring make sure only the high points of the face are highlighted otherwise it will add too much shine

Try a diffused cat eye, smudge charcoal along the lash line then brush a neutral into the crease, line with white pencilto make eyes bright

Opt for a light or dark brown shade instead of black and top with clear gel

Exfoliate first then apply a rosy pink shade, blot with a tissue so the color is not too heavy and swipe some non sticky gloss without shimmer or sparkle

Favorite Product
Revlon’s PhotoReady Skinlights — all day radiance with a dewy finish.  Wear it over makeup to highlight and contour


This article appears in the Summer-Fall 2016 issue of New Orleans Bride

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