Our brains communicate and process so much more than just our thoughts – they define how we feel, how we move and how we operate as people with our own unique personalities. A complex and integral component of the body, the brain and entire nervous system may require highly specialized care in the event of a disease, injury, or disorder. New Orleans is home to a number of neurologists, neurosurgeons, and other specialized healthcare providers who work to care for patients experiencing any number of brain problems such as tumors, seizures, migraines, aneurysm, stroke and more. There are even pediatric specialists trained specifically to work with the delicate and still-developing brains of children. From hospital centers to private practice physicians and surgeons, the following providers may offer you or your loved one the help needed in the event of a brain-related concern.


Children’s Hospital New Orleans’ Neurosciences Center serves patients and families from across Louisiana in a new, fully comprehensive center exclusively dedicated to serving children with a wide range of pediatric neurological diseases or disorders. Children’s Hospital offers comprehensive neurologic care for all kids and only kids with eight pediatric-trained neurologists, two pediatric trained neurosurgeons, and specialized pediatric providers in Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine, Neuropsychology, as well as other specialists who work collectively to care for patients.

Children’s Hospital has invested in innovative pediatric neuroscience programs that include a specialty clinic for rapidly diagnosing patients with seizures. Children’s was the first in Louisiana to welcome the ROSA robotic device to its neurosurgery department, providing minimally invasive stereotactic intracranial EEG monitoring for epilepsy surgery and delivering life-changing results for patients. The neurosciences clinic also provides multidisciplinary care for patients with cerebral palsy, peripheral nerve and muscle diseases, and intensive rehabilitation for patients with brain and spinal cord injuries. Additionally, Children’s is the only center in the state to provide comprehensive headache management by two board-certified headache neurologists. Learn more at


The brain is an amazing machine, comprised of over a billion neurons, each at work full time and especially in New Orleans, arguably the most stimulating city on earth. Culicchia Neurological help not only your neurons connect, but helps you reconnect with who you are. For years, they’ve brought new advancements and understanding to their patients – people come from all around the region seeking care from award-winning, fellowship-trained specialists and sub-specialists.

The Culicchia team work together to diagnose and treat disorders such as brain tumors, aneurysm, stroke, epilepsy, migraines and spinal disorders. Specialties include Neurosurgery, Neurology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Interventional Pain Management. Their affiliate, CNC Hearing and Balance Center, provides the latest in hearing healthcare.

With clinics in Marrero, Uptown New Orleans, Slidell and Mandeville, Culicchia’s function is to improve yours. Call 504-340-6976 for an appointment or visit or


Tulane University School of Medicine’s Center for Clinical Neurosciences is dedicated to providing the highest quality patient-centered care by combining cutting-edge technology with personalized attention. The center allows for faster consults between physicians who specialize in different neuroscience disciplines and provides an improved continuity of care for neuro patients.

The center, in partnership with the world-class physicians at Tulane University School of Medicine’s Center for Neurosciences, offers the expertise and capabilities to effectively diagnose and treat spine, brain, and neurological conditions. To continue their tradition of excellence and expertise in providing the best quality care, education and research are integrated through the combined resources of Tulane University Hospital and Clinics and the Tulane School of Medicine.

The Center for Clinical Neurosciences operates an outpatient clinic located in Tulane Hospital that can be reached at 504-988-5561. Visit online at