Weeks after the Mardi Gras glitter and beads have been stored away, a new krewe is busy at work preparing for wedding season. Kelsey Petry is the founder and owner of I Do Krewe, a business she says is “designed to provide turnkey service to curate, assemble and deliver unique wedding welcome bags to hotels and venue across New Orleans.” Welcome bags for family and friends are the perfect way to kick off a wedding weekend and introduce your out of town guests to New Orleans. Petry recognized this importance and started the I Do Krewe after planning her own wedding two years ago. Today, brides and grooms can purchase an I Do Krewe welcome bag filled with local goods like Zapp’s chips, Crystal hot sauce, Mardi Gras beads and decorative keepsakes to be waiting for guests before you say I Do. We caught up with Petry via email to get the scoop on the company’s offerings.


What inspired you to start I Do Krewe?

The inspiration sparked when I was planning my own wedding here in New Orleans in 2017. My mom and I ran all over the city picking up goodies to include in welcome bags for the many guests who traveled to New Orleans from Florida, New York, South Dakota [and] Texas. After assembling the bags, we were back in the car delivering them to the hotels where family and friends were staying for the weekend. We squeezed this in in the middle of nail/hair appointments, reception venue drop-offs, rehearsal dinner prep. The day flies by and every minute you get to spend time with family is precious. It was worth the extra effort after receiving positive feedback about the welcome bags from everyone. It was an above-and-beyond gesture that could have been simplified by a service in the city, hence the I Do Krewe concept. My hubby is my biggest supporter, and he started encouraging the business starting on the plane to Italy for our honeymoon.


How did you pick what goes in the bags?

First I looked to brands that I have personally made a connection with as a consumer in the city. It’s important to I Do Krewe to support local brands/makers. Secondly, the items have to be ready to be consumed upon opening, and/or small enough to be packed in a carry-on bag.


Can couples customize their Welcome Bags?

Of course! I want to allow brides/grooms to personalize as much as possible – add their favorite candy, colorful ribbon to match their wedding aesthetic, custom throw or koozie. They can call or email to get a quote for these types of customized add-ons. I’m currently working with a bride who requested a purple mesh crawfish sack as opposed to the standard paper bag. The magic is in the details!


How do couples order bags to be in their wedding party’s hotel rooms?

The goal is to make the process as seamless as possible so we coordinate and deliver to hotels without brides/grooms even stressing about it for a second. However, if the client wants to save money, they have the option to pick up the bags in Lakeview and deliver to hotels themselves.


What is your favorite I Do Krewe Welcome Bag item?

My favorite item would have to be the gilded oyster shells. My in-laws in Covington have the entire process down – it’s quite amazing. When they hosted our rehearsal dinner, they had the idea for the oyster shells to double as place card holders and favors. Our rehearsal dinner guests went home with this little gem, and now they use the oysters as jewelry holders or decoration in their homes all over the country.


What are your plans to expand I Do Krewe?

I’m excited to continuously add more options to the welcome bags, and I am open to suggestions from readers and brides/grooms! We’re also working on expanding I Do Krewe to offer Louisiana-inspired Bridesmaid Boxes and Groomsmen Gifts. Stay tuned! 



I Do Krewe, 281-415-8200, idokrewe.com