We recently began a series aimed at helping out of town couples seamlessly plan the perfect New Orleans wedding. It can be difficult for a couple to know exactly what they are getting when booking their entire wedding from miles away. And it’s important to know what to look for in your professionals during the process to ensure the plans fall in place.

Our first part focused on photography, while the second post focused on the importance of location. Now we are focusing on the wedding cake.

Though not as grand an element as location, the wedding cake is still an integral part of the wedding day. It’s a focal point and was historically thought of as a status symbol. Today, couples are taking their wedding cakes and making them true reflections of their personalities. Also, the cake is usually the tastiest part of the wedding.

It all starts out with an idea. Jenny Pacaccio with The Sweet Life Bakery says the couple having even a simple notion of what they want or even a color helps when designing for couples coming from out of town.  If you aren’t leaning toward a particular look, Jackie-Sue Scelfo with Gambino’s Bakery suggests bringing in the traditions of the city with a doberge cake or King Cake. Going with a New Orleans tradition cuts out the need for a tasting, which can be difficult for couples in other cities, or the need for constant barrage of emails.

However, if you are looking to create your own cake away from the doberge or King Cake, make sure your bakery is accommodating and willing to work with you. Both Gambino’s and The Sweet Life offer couples the option to have cake samples sent to them. It won’t give the full effect of coming into the bakery for a tasting, but it gets the job done and can be a tasty date for you and your future Mr. or Mrs.

Planning ahead for this particular aspect of your wedding will ensure the ultimate Instagram-worthy moment.