Sometimes bad things happen in New Orleans and when you read about it or hear about it, you're not that surprised. After a few years of living here, pretty much nothing surprises you anymore. The whole "Mother's Day shooting" thing? It was horrifying when I heard about it, but was I surprised? No. Not really. After a certain point, you get used to hearing about shootings and robberies and street violence. And it's sad. Like, really, really sad, but true.That's the bad stuff.


However, on the other hand, you hear about absolutely wacky things happening around here and it becomes unsurprising as well. And that's the good stuff. When I first moved here, I might have thought it was a little strange to see someone dressed up like Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo on a Wednesday in April. But now? Old hat.


Nothing surprises me anymore.


So it definitely should not have surprised me that while reading one of my favorite "Game of Thrones" blogs (I'm obsessed), I happened to stumble upon a Craigslist ad looking for a little Westeros role-playing, and lo and behold, the seeker happened to be from New Orleans.


Of course it's from New Orleans. Why wouldn't it be from New Orleans?


No one does fantasy quite like we do here in the Crescent City. Though, I can't for the life of me begin to understand having the sort of disposable income that allows you to purchase a $30,000 replica of the "iron throne" (and $1,800 for shipping), but that's another matter entirely.


But somewhere in New Orleans is a Khaleesi looking for a Robb Stark. Do y'all know anyone who looks like this guy?


New Orleans, Craigslist and 'Game of Thrones'


If so, please refer him to this ad:


New Orleans, Craigslist and 'Game of Thrones'


And while Robb Stark is an excellent choice, and of course to each their own, but why not Jon Snow? He's probably tired of women telling him that he doesn't know anything. I mean, he obviously knows a lot.


Or Jaime Lannister? Sure, the incest thing is kind of a turn-off and the whole having one hand thing would take some getting used to. And yeah, he did push a kid out of a window. But he's so dreamy!


Or hell, even poor Gendry?


I suppose, however, when you're the "Mother of Dragons", you get to do what you damn well please. Especially if you have your own iron throne.