New Orleans may currently hold the No. 3 spot for top wedding destination in the country – according to the Association for Wedding Professionals – but its growing popularity could give Las Vegas and Gatlinburg, Tennessee (No. 1 and No. 2, respectively) a run for their money.

It is natural to want the picture-perfect New Orleans experience when having your big day in the Big Easy. Recently, a family member having a destination wedding sparked interest into what exactly equals a traditional New Orleans wedding. Three things that make an event a New Orleans event are the people, the food and the atmosphere.

If you are planning a New Orleans wedding, we want to give you some of our favorite New Orleans staples to add to your wedding atmosphere.


  1. Pralines and other traditional food options

When you’re in New Orleans, it’s all about the food. There are all kinds of options when it comes to picking the perfect Big Easy meal. Let your guests salivate over gumbo and rice, jambalaya, mini muffulettas and crispy shrimp or catfish. Top it all off and send them on home with a sweet treat. Aunt Sally’s Creole Pralines has been serving New Orleans since 1935. These delicious options would make the perfect New Orleans feast.

  1. Second line or Jazz band (or both!)

When we’re not focused on food, the focus is usually turned to music or dancing. According to the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau having a Second Line is one of the most popular New Orleans traditions. This tradition signifies the beginning of a new life for the married couple. Invite the band to escort you and your family from the church to your reception – for a little extra and a police escort – or hire a traditional jazz band to play at your reception.

  1. New Orleans photo booth

Costumes are common at most festivals and events around the city. Photo booths are becoming more popular in the wedding scene. When having a New Orleans inspired wedding, why not combine the two? Stock your photo booth with Mardi Gras masks, beads, jester hats and more. Let your guests make memories New Orleans style.


There are so many interesting and cultural parts of New Orleans like the food and second lines that could add to your special day. Take your favorite parts of the city and its culture and turn them into your own memories to remember for a lifetime.


What would you add to a wedding to give it more New Orleans flair? Share your suggestions in the comments.