Larry Federico is president of the Louisiana Bridge Association (LBA), the largest bridge club in the Greater New Orleans area. Many people are unaware that New Orleans has a tradition of producing world-class bridge players. The history of bridge in New Orleans dates back to the 1930s when the first local bridge club began. “We’ve had a number of national and international players over the years…”, Larry notes. Today, the club is fortunate to have a member who is a current world champion. Bridge is a very complicated game, but in this podcast, Larry does his best to briefly explain how the game is played. According to Larry, “If it was a simple game, if it was an easy game, we won’t play it”. Currently, the club has approximately 800 members and on busy nights, as many as 100 people may be playing bridge at one time. For those who are intrigued by the game, New Orleans will host the North American Bridge Championships from March 12 – 22, 2015. Bridge players of all levels, and even newcomers to the game, are welcomed.



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