New Orleans in Focus

What makes someone a New Orleanian? Being born here is surely one definition of a New Orleanian.  Some people live here for decades, but are not true New Orleanians because they don't “get it.” Although they reside here, these people fail to grasp what makes our city special and unique. However, occasionally, someone who has lived here for a very short time “gets” New Orleans in the same way that natives do.

Thomas Cole is such a person – he understands the value of people, time passing and sacred places. Now, Cole has shared his keen photographic eye in a beautiful, 100-page photo essay of New Orleans. In this podcast, the artist shares how he sees the city and its people, and how he has been able to “get” New Orleans’ essence. The photographer will appear at a book signing from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. during the St. Claude Art Walk on Nov. 10 at the New Orleans Art Center, 3330 St. Claude Ave. "Standing in the Shadows: New Orleans in Focus" will make a wonderful holiday gift, and ten percent of book sales will go to “Start the Adventure in Reading” (STAIR), a non-profit literacy program in New Orleans.



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