Steven Scaffidi is Director of Development, Marketing, and Media for the New Orleans Mission. The Mission opened in 1989 and is the largest provider of shelter, food, and spiritual guidance for homeless men in New Orleans; all of its services are free to those in need. However, the New Orleans Mission is much more than just a place for  homeless men to go for shelter, food, and guidance. Through a combination of creativity, dedication, and energy, Steven is transforming how everyday people view the homeless. As the result of his efforts, New Orleans now has America’s first live-rescue radio program, Desperate Reality: Facing the Truth. The show airs every Saturday night on WWL-AM and FM radio from 10:00 p.m. to Midnight. Listeners who tune in to Desperate Reality: Facing the Truth will get a real-life look into the struggles and challenges the homeless face in real time, and will learn the best ways to help these distressed men and women. For further information, go to


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